Veterinary Services resumes its services

ORANJESTAD - To meet the demand of livestock farmers, the Veterinary services of the Department of Public Health has announced that the slaughter service will resume with their regular services on Thursday April 8 2021.

For appointments please contact the slaughterhouse at  5224310.

SlaughterhouseSlaughter of small stock is done under strict conditions like social distancing and while agglomeration is not allowed, in order to avoid large gatherings on the slaughter house’ premises.

SlaughterhouseEveryone in need of its slaughter service should comply with all their safety protocols, no exceptions.

Those refusing to comply with any of the safety protocols whatsoever will not be attended and will be asked to leave the property.

Everyone should abide by  the following rules:

  • Slaughter service will only be provided with an appointment and should be made in advance by calling 5224310. For the appointment, provide the amount of animals being slaughtered. No appointment, no service.
  • On the appointed day, the livestock farmer should report at the gate at the indicated time. Being late for the appointment will result in the appointment being cancelled and a new appointment is required.
  • They will verify the appointment once at the gate. Those with corresponding appointment will be instructed to place their animals in the assigned cages and should leave the property of the slaughterhouse.
  • After inspection the animals are slaughtered according to the rules.

SlaughterhouseOnce the slaughtering is complete, the owners will be called on the very same day to present at the gate to collect their slaughtered animals after paying for the service provided. Payment should be either with debit card or with cash in an envelope.

The Veterinary Services is emphasizing that all these protocols are needed in order to mitigate the spreading of the virus and help protect lives. If on the appointment date, you have any symptoms like coughing, fever, sore throat, you must reschedule. 

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