Virtual Forum of the Davos Agenda

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ORANJESTAD - On Thursday, January 28, 2021, the Prime Minister of Aruba participated in the Davos Agenda’s virtual forum where she delivered her speech its the opening session “
“Restoring Cross-Border Mobility”.

During her speech, The Prime Minister thanked the World Economic Forum for their interest in this subject, especially in the global crisis. She also addressed the significance of tourism for Aruba as a small but beloved destination in the Caribbean. Aruba embraces all digitalization developments in the traveling industry.

Virtual Forum of the Davos AgendaSince the inauguration of the Aruba Happy Flow in 2015, the priority was always hassle-free traveling, with minimum contacts that promote interoperability, respects data privacy, and provide travelers with a reliable option for a great experience.

“Part of our economic recovery and innovation plan is to create a safe, healthy, and reliable environment for our visitors,” the Prime Minister said.

Aruba was able to re-open its borders by introducing the “Health and Happiness code”, launching the Health app, and introducing the online ED card. Aruba will soon expand these components and will introduce the use of the CommonPass, a digital database that allows travelers to prove their negative covid19 test results discreetly and easily when traveling.

“Aruba is ready for more innovation, to be a partner in innovation because we are open for happiness,” the Prime Minister said in her closing remarks.

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