Walk-in vaccination at IMSAN on Saturday, September 25

ORANJESTAD – IMSAN in collaboration with the Department of Public Health organizes on Saturday, September 25, 2021, a walk-in for the community living in San Nicolas and its surroundings.

The goal is to reach and provide the opportunity to get the COVID-19 vaccine closer to home at IMSAN.

Walk-in vaccination at IMSAN on Saturday, September 25.From 09.00 pm to 04.00 pm non-stop, all persons 12 years and older living in Aruba can get their vaccine at IMSAN. You have to bring your AZV card or digital AZV. Please remember that children under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent when getting the vaccine.

Persons that can get the vaccine are:

  • Aruban students on vacation in Aruba or doing internship;
  • immigrants living for more than six months with or without a permit;
  • persons with a Dutch passport living or working for more than a month in Aruba.

On this day, the Pfizer and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are available for the community to choose which one it desires. Please note that children under 18 years and pregnant women cannot get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

IMSAN and DVG invite all unvaccinated citizens to get their vaccine on September 25, 2021. Come and get the vaccine to protect yourself and to contribute to the reduction of COVID cases and help your country recover.

Please consider that vaccination is not only an act of solidarity and joint responsibility, where no one can stay behind but also an act of love for you, your family, and your country!

Please do not hesitate anymore: VACCINATE!

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