WARNING: Increase in dengue cases in the Latin American region

ORANJESTAD - In April and May 2023, several Latin American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru and Caribbean islands such as Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe have reported a drastic increase in positive dengue infections.

This situation significantly concerns the Department of Public Health in Aruba, as many visitors to our island come from the affected countries.

DengueDue to the drought, the amount of dengue-carrying mosquitoes in Aruba is still low. Howeverf, the GKMB discovered breeding grounds for mosquitoes at several houses on the island. You can find these in pot dishes, flower vases filled with water, ponds, buckets of AC condensation water, etc.

Ahead of the upcoming rainy season, the DVG is concerned that if the community is not alert and does not take action by keeping their garden and surroundings clean, Aruba could also experience a dengue outbreak.

In the first five months of 2023, the DVG's Epidemiology and Research Section received f 24 reports of suspected dengue cases and confirmed 10 positive cases in Aruba. Together with healthcare providers, they will closely monitor this development.

Dengue symptoms:

  • High sudden fever;
  • Headache;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • body, joint, and muscle pain;
  • eye pain;
  • result.

The DVG urges the community to contact their healthcare provider soon in case of high fever and two or more of the above symptoms to get tested and receive appropriate care.

For more information such as Department of Public Health DVG Aruba on Facebook, Follow directorate_volksgezondheid_aruba on Instagram, visit www.dvg.aw, call +297 5224200, or send your e-mail to servicio@dvg.aw.

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