What to do with construction waste?

ORANJESTAD – The Ministry of Transport, Integrity, Nature, and Elderly Affairs is informing the community about construction waste disposal.

What is construction waste?

Construction waste is waste accumulated at construction or demolition sites. It includes cement/concrete, masonry blocks, tiles, roof tiles, aggregate, sand, windows/doors, lumber, all kinds of metal, toilets, plastics, papers, cardboard, etc. The goal is to encourage responsible waste product processing.

The first thing to do is inspect for asbestos at a demolition site. If asbestos is present at the site contact ATCO before initiating the demolition work.

How to dispose of construction waste in bulk?

If no asbestos is present at the site, the companies can decide if they want to dispose of the mixed waste or separate it for disposal. The community can bring mixed construction waste without asbestos to Ecotech Freezone. Mixed construction waste, however, have a higher price per ton.

How to separate construction waste?

Construction wasteCompanies that want to save money and separate the construction waste can do this in the following way:

  • Cement, concrete blocks, caliche, sand, pavers, and base course can be disposed of for free at Apex for processing.
  • Metal waste can be disposed of at Daltra NV or ICR Services and paid for according to weight.
  • Organic waste, plants, trees, wood, or white pallets can be disposed of at Johnsons or Ecotech Freezone. 
  • Nonrecyclable waste, old toilets, tiles, and cement bags can be disposed of at Ecotech Freezone for a fee.

The benefit of separating waste for companies is that they will save money if they dispose of these as clean waste. Separating mixed waste is a labor-intensive job for these companies for which the customer will have to pay more.

For more information about construction waste, visit www.trashtocash.org and to see the Blue Print for waste management in Aruba. 

These changes are essential for the community to start changing how we manage waste in Aruba. The main reason for this change is the waste issue for the past 70 years, causing considerable environmental damage. It is a step in the right direction to guarantee a brighter and cleaner future for our children. The next generation can be proud of Aruba and proud of the fact that Aruba is complying with international laws for responsible waste management.

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