Women Webinar hosted by IDEA

ORANJESTAD – The Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry (DEACI), through its Initiative for Development of Enterprises of Aruba (IDEA) in collaboration with Vadavas Jewelry Accessories & More, hosted the third Women Entrepreneurship Webinar on November 10, 2021.

The Webinar's theme was “Aspiring Women Entrepreneurship”.

IDEA in collaboration with Erasmus Consulting & Training and ActionCOACH organized two webinars for the female group last year. These webinars are exclusively for women who want flexibility in their lives, to pursue their passion, more control over their future, and faster growth in their careers.

Miss Valeria Gomez, the presenter of the webinar, Webinar Aspiring Women Entrepreneurship and Loella Croes of Idea.Miss Valeria Gomez, the presenter of the webinar, Webinar Aspiring Women Entrepreneurship.The third webinar consisted of valuable tips. The presenter of the webinar, Miss Valeria Gomez told the participants that there should be no excuses to delay the start-up of their business. Believe in your ideas and dreams. To make your dreams come true, you have to believe in yourself.

Many times, excuses get in the way of realizing dreams and success. Everything has its process for success. Valeria is a female entrepreneur of 24 years and co-founder of Vadavas Jewelry, Accessories & More, a local accessories brand loved by locals and tourists. In addition to Vadavas, Valeria loves entrepreneurship and is currently exploring the international market.

She is a young entrepreneur that has experienced many things and is always willing to share these with others.

Her presentation certainly inspired many of the participants who raved about her presentation at the end.

IDEA will continue to organize webinars focusing on Women Entrepreneurship (WE). The last webinar counted 31 female participants who joined online. IDEA is happy with the content of the webinar and the excellent presentation by Miss Valeria Gomez.

By 2022, IDEA will continue to organize a webinar for everyone who wants to start or expand their business with new commercial knowledge. It includes the course “Prepared Entrepreneur II” in April 2022. To register or for more information, you may contact IDEA by sending your email to L.croes@deaci.aw.

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