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ORANJESTAD – On Monday, September 6, 2022, IDEA (Initiative for Aruban Business Development) organized a workshop with the Tax Department (DIMP) called Time for Taxes.

Ms. Johrainne Giron of the Taks Department (DIMP).On behalf of the DIMP, Ms. Johrainne Giron lectured on the following subjects:

  • Income Tax and Profit Tax;
  • Wage tax and social security contributions;
  • Collective wage statement and Collective statement;
  • Small businesses scheme (KOR)
  • Explanation of the app, 'Bo Impuesto';

A total of 45 people attended. IDEA is pleased with the turnout and the rave reviews from the attendees.

IDEA's workshops are free and aimed at SMBs and those who want to start a business and learn more about various commercial subjects.

IDEA would like to thank the DIMP director Ms. Luenne Pieters for her support and Ms. Johrainne Giron, who shared valuable information with the attendees.

IDEA is very grateful to its colleagues from the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry (DAECI), for their assistance. For more information and announcements of new workshops, follow @Idea-Aruba on Facebook.

Ms. Johrainne Giron of the Taks Department (DIMP).  Ms. Johrainne Giron of the Taks Department (DIMP).  Ms. Johrainne Giron of the Taks Department (DIMP).

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