World Environment Day: Let’s restore the ecosystem

ORANJESTAD – On June 5, the United Nations and the world observe World Environment Day.

This celebration serves the purpose to create awareness around the world on urgent environmental subjects. The planet has many environmental challenges that require restoration to keep serving the people and ecosystems. On this day, the United Nations promotes the progress of the environmental actions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

World Environment DayThe Department of Nature and Environment (DNM) has the task to prepare, create, execute and evaluate policies that lead to a healthy life for both people and nature in Aruba. It is for this reason that on World Environment Day, the DNM contributes in the form of awareness.

The planet needs our help to restore the ecosystem. There is a climate emergency; there is loss of nature, pollution is threatening our planet and the habitat of a large number of species is being destroyed. That is why the UN declared the 2021-2030 decade, the decade to restore the ecosystem. Humans have the power, knowledge, and capacity to change and stop the harming of mother earth while making sure the next generations can enjoy earth as well. The DNM wants to motivate individuals, groups, governments, businesses, and organizations to join the global movement for the restoration of the degraded ecosystem.

What means restoration and what is the objective for 2030?

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% to mitigate climate change
  • Addressing the sustainable development goals. This should help eliminate poverty and prevent diseases for the sake of biodiversity
  • Stop the loss of biodiversity which may result in the extinction of species
  • We can achieve this if we do this from the bottom of our hearts and with a true love for the planet.

World Environment DayAre you ready to join the #generationrestauracion? The DNM is recommending the 3 method way: take action, chose wisely, and be the restoration voice. An action can include voluntary work at one of the existing restoration incentives like Ban Lanta y Planta. Their goal is to plant local trees to help fight climate change. Be part of the action like a beach, park, or ocean cleanups like Scubblebubbles, Piki dos pa nos, and Aruba Doet. Plant more trees in your yard, at school, work, or any public area. Donate to organizations that have nature restoration and conservation as goals.

Stop nonsustainable practices, start consuming sustainable (plant-based) products.

Be the voice of restoration, exhibit art or photos of the gorgeous local ecosystem, engage in dialogues about the values of the ecosystem, write and publish articles in newspapers or on social media.

Take photos or film your action and post it on social media with the hashtags #generationrestauration #worldenvironmentday. Visit the Directorate of Nature and Environment on Facebook @dnmaruba and check out sample videos.

For more information please visit, and

The DNM encourages everyone to take action and to be the voice for our planet earth and its ecosystem that needs our help.

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