World Obesity Day - causes of obesity

ORANJESTAD - On March 4, the world observes World Obesity Day.

The causes of obesity are complex and comprise various factors, including biology, genetics, environment, health care, and access to highly processed foods. Obesity does not only develop due to a lack of effort.

Other additional factors, other than nutrition that contribute to obesity are:       

  • Obesity – Let’s combat obesity!Sedentary life - lack of physical activity and sitting for long periods;
  • Sleeping – Insufficient sleep can impede the work of some hormones that may affect your weight;
  • Genetics – Genetics contributes to 40% - 70% of getting obese;
  • Access to health care/treatment – Without access to professional and proper care, the majority of obese people cannot reach a healthy weight and keep it in the long term;  
  • Marketing – It is proven that food spots and marketing contribute to obesity;
  • Mental health – Symptoms of some mental health diseases and their medicines can cause weight gain.
  • Stigma – Discrimination against overweight people can have significant consequences for obese people 

If you are obese, do not hesitate to get help. To have an impact on obesity, we must work jointly to manage the various factors to contribute to obesity in our community. Do not simplify it, since it makes the treatment more difficult.

For more information, contact your family doctor, doctor supports (POH), IBISA, or visit the Healthy Lifestyle Center Aruba at IBISA.

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