World Water Day – Use water responsibly

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 22-04-2023.

ORANJESTAD – On March 22, we celebrate World Water Day.

The Department of Public Health (DVG) reminds the community that washing your hands with soap and water is essential to prevent infectious diseases.

World Water DayWater is a fundamental liquid to live. Below you will find some recommendations on how to use water responsibly.

  • Bathe no longer than 5 minutes;
  • Close the faucet when using soap and shampoo; 
  • Close the faucet when brushing your teeth or shaving; 
  • Use a large load capacity when washing clothes in a washing machine; 
  • Use pressure control systems in the toilet and faucets; 
  • Do not throw contaminated products in the sea; 
  • Do not throw oil in the sink; 
  • When buying electrical equipment that uses water, get the most efficient.

 We are privileged that Aruba’s water is one of the best in the world. Let us take care of it and use it consciously. 

World Water Day

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