Zulema Dabian-Erasmus is the next Minister Plenipotentiary in Washington

ORANJESTAD - On Monday, November 13, 2023, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes announced that Mrs. Zulema Dabian-Erasmus will be the next Minister Plenipotentiary for Washington.

This position is crucial, considering that this official will assist the Government of Aruba to achieve some goals. The Minister Plenipotentiary plays a vital role in the relationship with the United States Government. They have the task of finalizing agreements beneficial to Aruba, assisting Aruban ministers in meetings with the IMF and World Bank, the United Nations General Assembly, and many more.

Zulema Dabian-Erasmus is the next Minister Plenipotentiary in Washington. Zulema Dabian-Erasmus is the next Minister Plenipotentiary in Washington. The procedure for selecting a new Minister Plenipotentiary followed the statements made during the government formation, in which the agreement was that one party would propose a candidate for the position in the Netherlands, and the other party for the candidate for the one in Washington. This approach has changed, and the decision was that the position in Washington, a person with experience and knowledge of international relations, already working in the government, would be appointed.

Based on these criteria, Mrs. Dabian-Erasmus, who meets all the requirements, was proposed as a well-prepared individual with the necessary qualities to represent Aruba in Washington.

Mrs. Dabian-Erasmus studied international relations in the Netherlands and graduated in 2005. She currently works at the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce, and Industry (DAECI) and has also served as a part-time lecturer at the University of Aruba.

Soon, Mrs. Dabian-Erasmus will travel to Washington to undergo the transition from the outgoing Minister Plenipotentiary, Mrs. Joselin Croes, before assuming her new role as the director of Arubahuis.

The Government of Aruba expresses gratitude to Mrs. Joselin Croes for her five years of dedicated work for Aruba in Washington and wishes Mrs. Dabian-Erasmus much success in her new capacity.

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