Request withdrawal of existing business license(s) by the Minister of Economic Affairs - DEACI

  • Description

    According to the Business Licensing Ordinance license(s) granted by the Minister of Economic Affairs can be withdrawn, either in conformity with article 7 of mentioned ordinance or on request of the interested party.

  • What to take with me?

    The application form and the required documents (if applicable), for example the minutes to approve the discharge/resignation of the director and dissolution of a partnership.

  • What are the costs involved?

    No fee is involved for the handling of this application.

  • Where to request? / More information at

    The division Establishment of business - helpdesk, office no. 15. Tel. 521-2400 ext. 250 of the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry.

  • How to request? / What must I do?

    The application must contain the data of the license(s) to be withdrawn and the business in question, such as data of the sole proprietorship (owner), managing-director(s), general partnership or other legal entity. Request can be submitted at the Helpdesk.

  • What are the requirements?

    The request must be signed by the owner, partner(s) and/or managing director(s) or his/her authorized representative.

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